And reader Luis damn skippy knows this. And he knows that we're running an arcade themed diorama contest, so would-be finalists, you've gotta do just that: Make an arcade themed diorama.

But, hey, Luis does not care. He's all about making a FFVII diorama, while we're all about showing it. Writes Luis:

I know FFVII it is not an arcade game, but I wanted to make this diorama so bad. In addition, who can forget this final battle anyway? Or my face when he summoned Nova on me, I thought it was going to be game over for me.

Can't be a finalist, but we applaud the "E" for "Effort" and the "L" for "Luis." What's going on? For this contest, you can use anything you like to create your diorama: paper, toys, whatever. All we ask is that you made an arcade-themed diorama and include a Kotaku and Arcade Mania sign so that we know you made it and not your dog or something.


Take a picture and send it to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. There will be three winners, and all will win a copy (it's in English!) of Arcade Mania straight from Japan. Everyone else will get INTERNET FAME. Remember, the contest deadline is this Friday.

Arcade Mania is now available.