That wall of free stuff I'll be giving out tomorrow during Denver's Funde Razor?

There's a lot of stuff in there. How much? So much I've decided to break down the freebies over a number of posts today and tomorrow. This is our third of the day. The rest of the goodies will be posted tomorrow.


Seen here is a long brown box. Inside? A very eclectic mix including, two N-Gage with too many games, a Capcom cigar, Castlevania whip, lots of keychains and stickers, license plates, little sculptures, potpourri, Okami potpourri to be exact and more.

Keep in mind all of these will be giving away, one item at a time, during the fundraiser as door prizes. The fundraiser in Denver will run from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. tomorrow at The Mercury Cafe.

Each of the three fundraisers will have their own goodies to give away. This is just for Denver, and only some of the list.


But what about those of you who don't live in Denver, or even in Manhattan or San Francisco? Don't worry I'm cooking up something extra special for the rest of you readers. I'll make sure to announce that contest on Thursday.

Funde Razor Details