This has been a hell of a first week at Kotaku - I had an event Tuesday, three events Wednesday, and yesterday was EA's super-huge Showcase which contained all the stuff that didn't make it to E3. Here's how AJ earned her keep this week: Battlefield Heroes – Battling The Stigma Of Battlefield Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Wii Impressions Tetris, Spore, Scrabble and Sudoku – EA's iPhone lineup Boogie SuperStar – Objectifying And Empowering Tween Girls Everywhere Celebrity Sports Showdown Impressions The Odd Couple - EA & Grasshopper or Suda 51 & Shinji Mikami Epic's New Game – President Tells All And stay tuned next week for more from EA's 08 Showcase and some stuff on those mysterious events I'm not allowed to talk about yet. Thanks for the big welcome, y'all! (And I can say that because I'm from Texas, so back off.)