This week's PlayStation Store update brings with it one of the many ways to get access to the Resistance 2 beta program. If you're a Qore annual subscriber, you're in. If you're a non-committal single issue buyer type, you're in (later). If none of that interests you, there's still a whopping amount of stuff in this week's North American PSN update, with a trio of Talkman Travel downloads for the PSP, a bunch of extra things to buy for NASCAR 09, as well as some nice Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice wallpaper. The full list is after the jump.Qore Episode 3 ($2.99 Issue, $24.99 Annual Subscription) Games and Demos Talkman Travel: Rome ($5.99) for PSP Talkman Travel: Tokyo ($5.99) for PSP Talkman Travel: Paris ($5.99) for PSP Expansions and Add-ons Snakeball Team Mode ($1.99) NASCAR 09 Montreal Track ($3.99) NASCAR 09 Skin Pack 1 ($2.49) NASCAR 09 Skin Pack 2 ($2.49) NASCAR 09 Skin Pack 3 ($2.49) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock "Interscope Track Pack" ($6.25) Rock Band tracks * "Toxicity" by System of a Down ($1.99) * "B.Y.O.B" by System of a Down ($1.99) * Crüe Fest Pack 2 ($2.99) - includes "Rescue Me" by Buckcherry, "Face Down in the Dirt" by Mötley Crüe, and "Life is Beautiful" by Sixx:A.M. * "Rescue Me" by Buckcherry ($0.99) * "Face Down in the Dirt" by Mötley Crüe ($0.99) * "Life is Beautiful" by Sixx:A.M. ($0.99) Game Videos PlayStation Home "E3" Video The Last Guy "Behind The Scenes" Star Wars: The Force Unleashed trailer Tomb Raider: Underworld trailer Madden NFL 09 "E3" trailer Madden NFL 20th Anniversary video Madden NFL 09 "Adaptability" trailer TNA iMPACT! "Head to Head" trailer Dead Space "Dev Diary #5: Creating Horror" Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #4 AST Dew Tour - Greg Lutzka's Road to Finals AST Dew Tour - One on one with James Foster AST Dew Tour - PlayStation Pro Moments - 2 AST Dew Tour - Spinner looks to ‘08 Themes and Wallpapers PlayStation Home theme Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice wallpapers Tomb Raider: Underworld wallpaper