As a big fan of any PC game that combines space combat with joystick support, I feel I must draw attention to Paradox Interactive's upcoming space combat simulator, Dark Horizon. They've just announced the release date for the title, setting the big day for September 23rd in North America and September 26th in Europe, and it will be available both in retail form and as a download via GamersGate. With 22 missions, weapon and equipment creation, and advanced ship customization, Dark Horizon could very well be the game to scratch my space combat itch until PC developers realize that all we want to do is blow each other up in space over and over again.

Paradox Interactive Announces Release Date for Dark Horizon Space Combat Simulator Blasts to Retail in September NEW YORK - August 4, 2008 Paradox Interactive today confirmed the release date for their upcoming space action combat simulator for the PC, Dark Horizon. Dark Horizon will be released in North America on September 23rd and in Europe on September 26, 2008. Dark Horizon is a space combat adventure where the player fights for survival through 22 missions of space combat. The title is laced with RPG elements such as original weapon and equipment creation, several modes of combat and advanced ship customization. Dark Horizon also offers joystick support. Dark Horizon will be available for purchase in stores and for digital download at GamersGate, the leading digital distribution platform creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide.