You can keep your "good v evil" motif from King of Kong, for me, the film's highlight was the appropriately-named Mr. Awesome (aka Roy Schildt). Becase, yes, he was/is awesome. As such, this interview with the man behind the legend - over at The -Minus World - is essential reading. Because if you don't read it, you'll miss stuff like this:

As they say in the King of Kong, this society is based on war and games. The real war is to get the higher score Missile Command score recognized and the war in Iraq is to get democracy recognized over the assholes. It's the same mindset with a different goal.

You'll also miss the raving-mad Schildt ponder beating Billy Mitchell to death if locked in a room with him for five minutes, so please, go read it.

Don't Get Chumpatized: Missile Commander Roy Schildt Speaks Up [The -Minus World]