Love Rock Band? Don't like the instruments included? Read. On. A bunch of officially-licensed, third-party Rock Band peripherals briefly appeared on Amazon the other day, before being quickly taken down. Luckily, RockBandMods were on the scene, ctrl+print screen button at the ready, to preserve the information. Looks like there are five new instruments in the pipeline (by Mad Catz, as expected) and - considering it's Mad Catz - some look really, really good! There's a wired mic with control pad buttons, a wired guitar with split strum button (so you can use two fingers to nail fast solos), a wired guitar licensed to look like a Fender Telecaster, a handy portable drum kit (four pads connected by cords, so you can roll it up) and, raddest of all, a "Premium Wired Drum Kit", which includes a clash cymbol and a freakin' high-hat (though it also costs $150). Looks like cow bells are still at your own expense. Like I said, the Amazon pages are down now, but expect this stuff to start appearing over the next couple of months.

Mad Catz Rock Band Instruments Releasing Next Week [RockBandMods, via Go Nintendo]