Apparently I'm not the only one enamored with Funcom's recently released Age of Conan. The creators of Whorelore (formerly World of Whorecraft) have jumped into the Hyborean Age as well with "Rage of Bonan".

More than just people having sex in costume, "Rage of Bonan" actually recreates the very first quest in the game, which involves rescuing a bound, scantily dressed woman by killing a nearby enemy for the key to her shackles. Granted the woman in the game was blonde and it doesn't actually end with a sex scene...though I am sure it did in the minds of many of the males and not a few of the females who played through it.


Hit the jump for a gallery of pics from the clip that isn't very safe for work at all, as well as information on how you can be a part of Whorelore's new Conan fixation.

The actors in the above gallery are AVN Performer of the year Evan Stone and his real life girlfriend, Syren (possibly not her real name), so those of you who enjoy your pornography with a little personal involvement between the participants should get a kick out of that.


The Whorelore folks are so excited about Conan (you could tell before the NSFW fish showed up) that they've created their own guild in the game. They are currently taking applications at From the website:

Whore Lore is a guild of dedicated gamers with years of experience in MMOs and other games. We will be focused on both PVP and PVE and crushing content.

Not sure how I'd feel about having WhoreLore over my head everywhere I went in game, though I'm sure I've had worse.

Be sure to check out Crecente's exhaustive feature on all things World of Whorecraft / Whorelore related in case you need to figure out how exactly we got to this point. They recently released the episode featuring the "Holy Paladin" from those initial shots, though I've a feeling her holiness will be coming into question over the course of the story.

Whorelore Season 2 Episode 4 [Official Site]

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