That Final Fantasy XIV Hairstyle You Like Is Going To Come Back In Style

You can stop being jealous of M’naago now.
You can stop being jealous of M’naago now.
Screenshot: Square Enix

A popular Final Fantasy XIV hairstyle that hasn’t been available in-game for years is going to make a permanent comeback, Square Enix announced this morning.


Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to acquire the very anime Rainmaker hairstyle (pictured above) for the first time since 2017 when the extensive Patch 5.5 expansion drops on April 13. Originally introduced to the MMORPG as part of the seasonal “Make It Rain” event, the hairstyle will now be found at the Gold Saucer amusement park, exchangeable for the area’s unique currency. The passionate Final Fantasy XIV player base is understandably very excited.

“YESDKFJKEKDKDKDKDM FINALLY GOD THIS ALL IVE BEEN WAITING FOR,” one fan wrote on Twitter in response to Square Enix’s announcement.



Although the “Make It Rain” event returns to Final Fantasy XIV for a limited time every year, Rainmaker hasn’t been offered as a reward since the hairstyle was first introduced. Even worse, an NPC with the exact same hairstyle—the Ala Mhigan Resistance fighter M’naago Rahz—was also added to the game in 2017, serving as a disappointing reminder for folks who weren’t able to get it themselves.

(Side note: Final Fantasy fans largely consider the Rainmaker hairstyle to be modeled after Sice, a character from 2011’s Final Fantasy Type-0 who has made subsequent appearances in Final Fantasy Agito and its follow-up Final Fantasy Awakening. I haven’t been able to find confirmation from Square Enix itself that this is the case, but I’ll give the community the benefit of the doubt since they look almost identical.)

After begging for the Rainmaker’s return for years, Final Fantasy XIV players can finally breathe a sigh of relief that the signature ponytail-bangs combo is making a return. Well, unless they play as a member of the game’s Viera race, as the tall bunny women apparently can’t equip the hairstyle. I guess Square Enix decided they already have enough going for them.

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you guys are getting hairstyles? *pouts in Hrothgar*