Giant Motor Gives PC Enough Rumble To Shake The Very Heavens

Now you’re playing with power!
Gif: Teenenggr

Jatin Patel is an iOS developer who works on big, silly projects for his YouTube channel. His latest million-dollar idea was to connect a giant, 2,880 rpm induction motor to his DualShock, magnifying the controller’s comparatively pitiful rumble to extraordinary proportions.

I mean, it only makes sense. As you can see in the video, all it took was Patel rigging up a giant version of what’s already found inside most controllers. Oh, and some duct tape to keep his monitor from flipping off his desk, but any good engineer should already have a bunch of that on hand.


Patel’s project imagines a wonderful world where, instead of trending toward the more elegant haptics of Nintendo’s Joy-Cons and Sony’s DualSense, video game developers adopted a mindset of “go big or go home.” We’re clearly dealing with a genius.

Staff Writer, Kotaku


So how powerful is this motor as compared to one, in say, a Sybian?