iam8bit's Persona 5 Royal Vinyl Soundtrack Looks Pretty Sweet

Gif: iam8bit / Atlus

Pre-orders for iam8bit’s three-LP vinyl soundtrack to Persona 5 Royal opened back in December, with fans dropping $75 on it without knowing what the album art or actual records look like. We’ve got an exclusive first look at the package, and, luckily for them, it’s a thing of beauty.


The perfect companion to the unfortunately sold out four-LP Persona 5 soundtrack, the Persona 5 Royal package features 29 new tracks spread across three maroon, black, and gold discs. The trio come sleeved inside a lovely die-cut window jacket featuring art by the incomparable Drew Wise.

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Image: iam8bit / Atlus

iam8bit recently celebrated its 15th year of putting out really lovely game swag, including one of the best selections of game vinyl anywhere. If you’re into the wonderful juxtaposition of old-school audio tech and new-fangled video games, it’s a great place to spend all the money you have. Trust me, been there.

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Looks nice for anyone happy to wait a year. Ordered the KRZ vinyls more than a year ago and the discs still haven’t arrived. Checked back in September or so, was quoted covid complications, and told they would arrived by mid-November. Nada since then.

At this point, I’m just assuming I lost my money and will never see those discs. I understand the massive implications that covid had, but with no proactive communication or updates, that is likely the last time I order anything from iam8bit.