Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Is A Game Of Challenging Beats

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is the latest rhythm-action game from Square Enix. In the vid, tech and creative producer Therese McPherson checks in with Sora, Goofy, Donald, and a ton of Disney guest characters as they engage in timing-based musical battles against classic Kingdom Hearts foes.

Barefoot with a Mountain Dew on deck. A household icon. IG: FierceTrees


This is such a baffling game. The KH series had generally good music, mostly forgettable background tunes, but some legitimately great tracks, but not good enough or plenty enough that I wanted a game based entirely on the music.

And unlike the Theatrhythm games that at least had three different types of stages, this game is basically the same thing for every track (there are “different” stages for boss fights and music videos, but they’re hardly different at all).

It’s . . . I mean, I guess it’s good enough? All the unlockable art is lovely, at least. But it’s a baffling choice for a game.