Former Splatoon Pro Arrested For Alleged Sexual Abuse

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Screenshot: TBS
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According to The Mainichi Daily News (via Tokyo Reporter), former Splatoon pro Kai “YIG” Asano (pictured) has been arrested for the alleged rape of a middle school girl.


A warning to readers: This story contains frank descriptions of sexual misconduct that some may find disturbing.

The 20-year-old Asano has been arrested for suspected coerced sexual intercourse and abduction with the intention of impropriety. On August 15, TBS reports, Asano allegedly messaged the victim, writing, “Let’s watch an online game tournament together.” He added, “There will also be other girls there.”

Asano had her come to the nearby train station and then brought her to his place. But according to TBS, there weren’t other girls at his apartment where the alleged rape happened.

Asano said it was true he invited the girl to his residence, but denied the allegations, adding, “It wasn’t against her will.”

According to police, the two met via Twitter, trading messages regarding Splatoon.

Illustration for article titled Former Splatoon Pro Arrested For Alleged Sexual Abuse
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Asano played the popular Nintendo game professionally for the Tokyo esports team Creatives under the name “YIG.” The team quickly canceled his contract in the wake of these allegations. Moreover, this week, Creatives issued a formal statement, apologizing to the victim, her family, fans, sponsors, and anyone connected to the team.

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“It wasn’t against her will.”

That’s your excuse? You are 20, you dipshit, she is a teenager. The article doesn’t seem to mention her age, but a quick google search says middle school in Japan is 12 to 15 years old. Hell, even if she was willing, at 20 you should know better than to go ahead with it

And before people come pointing out that the Japanese age of consent is 13, a 20 year old taking someone at least 5 years younger to his home under false pretenses, to then (allegedly force her to) have sex? That shit ain’t OK, even if nothing illegal happened.