What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Screenshot: Steam

The weekend is for a long weekend, which is kind of a ripoff when you have to stay inside but is welcome nonetheless. More time to play video games, I guess!


I’m probably the only person in the world who has never actually played GTA V, which I always flirted with buying on Steam sale but never pulled the trigger on. Editing years of Kotaku’s GTA Online coverage has made me both very curious about it and more than a little scared. Thanks, Epic?

I’m also super excited to check out The Long Dark’s latest update. Gotta stay on brand.

What about you? What are you playing?


Faux Bravo

I’ve played a little of every GTA except V. I always screw around for a little while and then just get bored. Finally I gave up trying. Clearly it’s not for me. It needs to move way slower, add horses, and give me TB. Then I’ll like it.

I will be playing one Uncharted or another. I hit chapter 12 in 3 last night. Also, probably chipping away at Doom Eternal and playing a little Path of Exile and/or Vermintide 2 with friends.

Also also, Overwatch, obviously. Someone messaged me on PSN last night and called me “ussless trash” and said to “get cancer.” I was playing DPS, in which I’m silver, with a friend who is plat. Sorry plat players. And they friend requested me, so I guess we’re friends now.