Someone At American Dad Is A Big Fan Of The Overwatch League

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Screenshot: American Dad (Youtube)

In the grand tradition of primetime animated shows mining contemporary pop culture for content, American Dad’s most recent episode featured esports as its topic of the day. In a clip shared by TBS, the show’s main character is tasked with assassinating a North Korean general while he attends an Overwatch League match in Hong Kong.

Usually when shows do their “Hello fellow kids” episodes, they fabricate a game and fill it with enough nods and winks that the audience can tell what it’s supposed to be. But whoever worked on this at Seth MacFarlane Inc. knew what they were doing. The match onstage between the UK and Sweden actually took place at last year’s Overwatch World Cup, and the arena itself looks suspiciously close to the Anthem—the arena the Washington Justice used for their Homestand. If you look closely, the jersey the general is wearing bears the team colors of the LA Valiant—past and present—and a logo that closely resembles their signature Valkyrie.


This isn’t the first time the Overwatch League has gotten a primetime shout out. Fans of the show One Day At A Time will remember one of the main characters professing her love for the game and the LA Gladiators.

I don’t have cable, so I was unable to see the full episode. However, the throwaway jokes about vape pens and dabbing were more than enough for me. In other, more shocking news—American Dad is still a thing.

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American Dad is legitimately a great show. I don’t know what season it was where the writing team shifted, but it’s a great show. I love the holiday episodes, and any Roger episode is always a treat. It’s unsurprising to me that they would have this level of depth for a one-off joke.