How's It Going?: Bummer Edition

R.E.M., “Everybody Hurts”
R.E.M., “Everybody Hurts”
Screenshot: YouTube

It’s Monday. Can you believe they’re still making Mondays? Welcome back to our daily open thread.


My foster dog got adopted this weekend, far too soon for my tastes. I begged my landlord to let me permanently adopt her, but he wouldn’t go for it. I’m happy for the dog and for her new person, but it was super sad to let her go. (Why did no one warn me fostering animals would be sad?) I had kind of forgotten that, in the midst of this global pandemic, regular things are also happening, like there isn’t some kind of cosmic moratorium on everything not related to covid-19. So in a weird way, being sad I don’t get to have a dog anymore was a nice reminder that life is still going on, even when it’s the bummer parts. I’m trying to remember that there will be more dogs to foster, and hopefully one day to permanently adopt.

There are small good things too, though. I made my first challah over the weekend, and it was much more heartwarming than it needed to be to see the dough get lively and abundant. I then consumed an entire life of bread in less than a day, which was also good.

How about you? Anything bumming you out today, or cheering you up? How’s it going?



Yesterday I was so bored that I acquiesced to my girlfriend’s request to go pick up a bottle of Riesling that she could only find at this one liquor store in Midtown. Figured I’d take some pics of Times Square, just see how desolate it was firsthand. This is how it looked at around 7:15pm.

And the liquor store was closed.