NBA, Premier League Teams Are Simulating Canceled Matches In Video Games

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Without any actual games in the NBA or English Premier League for the foreseeable future, teams are stuck having to pretend that matches are going ahead using the power of video games.


Take the Phoenix Suns, for example, who having recovered from the shock of the season’s suspension are going to be playing out the team’s remaining schedule in NBA 2K20, broadcasting it live on Twitch.

Meanwhile in England, Watford’s postponed Premier League game against Leicester has gone Football Manager.

And Championship side Hull City have challenged Germany’s Bayer Leverkusen to a game of Connect 4.


With so many stars in both competitions knowing their way around 2K and FIFA respectively, surely there’s a way for teams to organize some virtual friendlies while we wait for the actual games to get underway again?


Or if not friendlies simulating the team’s regular professional activities, then something close? Take Barcelona and Monaco, who got some teams together featuring some of their younger players and duked it out on Rocket League earlier today.

Time to dream of Liverpool vs the Lakers in Smash.

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I wish the old Deadspin was around for this. As is, I’m stuck getting all my sports news from Kotaku Dot Com while trying to ignore the zombie with a Hello, my name is Deadspin tag.

Apparently the Herbcromancer finally managed to get the Twitter account back, and they somehow found an even worse tagline. Anyway, Scabspin will get exactly zero of my clicks.

It does kind of rule that they tore it down for not sticking to sports and “brought it back” right when there are no sports to stick to. Jim Spanfeller's timing and business sense are as impeccable as always.