AT&T Is Suspending Bullshit Data Caps

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Broadband data caps, which exist solely as a means for telecommunications providers to gouge you on pricing, are some grade-A bullshit. As proved by the fact AT&T has today made the decision to suspend all of them for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.


As VICE reports, AT&T is the first major company to make the decision to suspend all broadband data caps, as what could be millions of Americans are forced to stay at home a bunch of video games/watch Netflix.

So if you’ve been eyeing your Steam library and wondering what to download and play next while hunkered you can download everything and just see what takes your fancy.


With AT&T the only major company to have announced such a suspension, a group of US Senators have written to the CEOs of Sprint, T-Mobile and Comcast asking them to do likewise.

And remember, when it comes time to change contracts: if these companies can “suspend” data caps while traffic will be at all-time highs, it proves they never needed them in the first place.

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I am so glad I live in an area where there is no such thing as data caps on home internet. Spectrum may be a lot of things, but at least they don’t practice that bull shit.