Final Fantasy VII Remake's Tifa Voice Actor Has Gotten Threats

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In 2005’s Kingdom Hearts II, Ayumi Ito first voiced Tifa Lockhart and since then has continued to be the character’s Japanese voice. Naturally, she will be returning for next year’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, but sadly, she has recently received threats of violence.

The Sankei News reports that earlier this summer, a woman in her 20s allegedly sent threats to Ito’s talent agency website, writing, “I hate her [Ito] so much I want to kill her” and “I’m going to stab her in the back of her hand with all my might.” This threat was reportedly regarding Ito’s participation in a preview showing for a live-action drama. Besides Tifa, Ito acts in feature films and TV shows.

That same month, a man in his 30s sent threats to a game company, reportedly writing that he wanted the character Ito was voicing to be recast. The Sankei News does not disclose the name of the threatened company; Sanspo, however, lists the company as the producer of the Final Fantasy series. The man also allegedly wrote, “[She] makes me want to stab [her] in the eyes and gouge them out with a knife.”


According to Kyodo News, the man and the woman were not acquaintances. Charges have been filed in both cases.

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