Woman Killed After Witnessing Robbery While Playing Pokémon Go

Image: KRQE
Image: KRQE

21-year-old Cayla Campos has been shot and killed after witnessing an armed robbery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last Friday. Campos had been playing Pokémon Go in her car when the shooting occurred.


As local station KRQE report, Campos and her boyfriend had a regular Friday night routine where they’d get in their car, drive to a park near their apartment and play some Pokémon Go.

Last week, however, while playing they saw “two individuals committing a robbery against an unidentified party seated in a vehicle. As Campos tried to drive off after witnessing the crime, the robbers fired “multiple shots” at her car, one of the bullets “striking Campos in the back of her neck.

She was rushed to a local hospital but died shortly afterwards.

A suspect has not been named.

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Woman killed after witnessing robbery? Not news.

Woman killed after witnessing robbery while playing a videogame? Let’s get those clicks, brother.