Soon, Steam Will Let You Play Local Multiplayer Games Online

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Sometimes, you’d rather stretch out on the living room couch in your underwear than be the deli meat in a couch co-op sandwich. Valve today shared its plans to make Steam’s local multiplayer games playable online, so from now on, you won’t have to elbow your way into some personal space when you’re already screaming at your teammates for dropping the pasta in Overcooked 2.


Valve announced the feature, called Remote Play Together, to developers who then shared the news with the public. Its beta is launching around October 21. Any game that offers local multiplayer (including split-screen and local-co-op play) will be able to plug in an online player 2 using a Steam Overlay. “When the Friend accepts an invitation to play, it’s as though they’re playing side by side at the same machine,” Valve’s message reads. It continues:

“Much like a traditional split-screen experience, the host’s computer is running the game, but with Remote Play Together friends can join using their own controllers, voice, audio, and display — regardless of whether they also own the game on Steam.

Any controllers connected to the second player’s computer will act as if they’re plugged directly into the first computer. The player hosting the game can also choose to allow or block inputs to their shared keyboard and mouse.”


Up to four players will be able to game with each other with Remote Play Together. Valve says it “renders 60 frames per second at a resolution of 1080p,” too, if your internet is good enough.

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As a developer, this genuinely excites me!