Fortnite's Batman Event Turns Tilted Town Into Gotham City

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Today is “Batman Day,” which explains why banks are closed and your town is hosting its annual Batman Day Parade. Fortnite has gotten in on this most solemn of occasions by adding new Batman-themed items and turning part of its map into Gotham City.

A livestream announcing the Fortnite/Batman crossover took place on YouTube at 8am ET this morning. The brief clip showed new Batman in-game items, such as a Batman-themed grapple gun and homing explosive Batarang, as well as new cosmetics in the shop. Fans in chat were disappointed in the reveal, but they got what they were after: from now until October 6, Tilted Town is stylized like Gotham City, with landmarks like the Gotham City Police Department HQ, Wayne Industries tower, and the Monarch Theatre. Players in the area sport Batman cowls that give them unlimited glider redeploy. Completing Batman-themed challenges will earn you rewards like sprays and a glider. These challenges include using the new items, using in-game Bat Signals, and defusing Joker-themed gas canisters.

Watch the disappointing reveal for yourself here

The Batman crossover has been steadily leaking over the week, so none of this is a surprise to many players. Still, it’s nice it’s finally here, even if I got up early—on the day that isn’t even Batman Day—to basically watch a commercial.

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Worth mentioning that the three Lego Batman games , and three of the Arkham Batman games are free on the Epic store ( yes, yes I know)this week.