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Cuphead Developers Delay DLC, Cite Desire To Make Games In A Healthier Way

Illustration for article titled iCuphead /iDevelopers Delay DLC, Cite Desire To Make Games In A Healthier Way

Fans of tough-as-nails animated shoot-’em-up Cuphead have been waiting since 2018 for Delicious Last Course, a DLC expansion with a whiff of finality about it. Unfortunately, they’re going to have to wait a little longer, because it’s been delayed to 2020. The developers offered a commitment to quality and a focus on sustainable development practices as reasons.


Delicious Last Course will add a new isle “full of delectable adventures for Cuphead and Mugman to gnaw on,” as well as a new character, Ms. Chalice. Originally, the DLC was set to come out sometime this year, but today those plans got turned on their cup-shaped head.

“While we initially announced a 2019 release date for the ‘Delicious Last Course’ expansion, our highest priority is making sure this new adventure meets the meticulous level of care and quality we always strive for,” said the game’s co-director Chad Moldenhauer in a statement about the delay. “We want to be absolutely certain that this next adventure feels at home in the world of Cuphead and is full of moments that surprise and delight players.”


Moldenhauer also alluded to new, improved game development practices as a reason for the delay: “Furthermore, the development of the original game taught us a great deal about the importance of making things in a way that’s healthy and sustainable for our team.”

If all goes according to plan, this will result in a better game and happier developers. The price, admittedly, is a longer wait, but Moldenhauer and company hope it will be worth everybody’s while.

“This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but we’re confident it’s one that will result in a higher quality experience that’s all the sweeter when it does arrive,” he said.

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I can’t imagine the amount of work that was involved in drawing each frame of that game by hand. Take as long as you need guys. A game is not worth your health or happiness.