It's Episode I: Racer, Remade In Unreal Engine 4

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A fan of both Star Wars and the finest sci-fi racing game this side of Wipeout has gone and got some of Star Wars Episode 1: Racer running in Unreal Engine 4, bringing the 1999 game well and truly into the 21st century.


It was made by CG artist Rob Jin, and is the result of around 10 months of work. What’s available now is more of a demo than a game—you can only race as Anakin on one map—but that’s still enough to push pretty much every racing game button I have.

Jin even made this trailer to go with the project:

But if you want to see it in action, here’s some gameplay:

As of yesterday the demo was free to download and play, but after YouTuber Bluedrake42 shot some footage of it the link got slammed and is no longer available.

If you want to try and grab it later once things die down, though, here you go.

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EA: “But what if we had Ghost Games make this, but we force them to use Frostbite, an engine that was definitely not designed for racing games, and we implement loot boxes for boosters and pod skins? And Sebulba rubber bands like a motherfucker? You’d buy it because ‘Star Wars’, right? Now this is pod racing.”