10 Months After Opening, The Razer Game Store Is Closing

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After only 10 months of operation, The Razer Game Store is closing permanently at 4AM EST on February 28 2019. According to a post on The Razer Game Store site, the closing is part of a company wide realignment plan.

The Razer Game Store was a digital storefront that provided Steam and Uplay keys to players. The store also provided discounts and rewards to users. Razer Game Store users are warned to retrieve any unused keys from the store before the shutdown occurs on February 28. Razer will also fulfill any pre-orders players currently have on upcoming games.

This was Razer’s first attempt at a digital storefront. Players who have Razer Gold or Silver Rewards will still be able to use these recurrences on other rewards.

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Obligatory “Razer had a game store?” Post

But seriously, I didn't even know they opened it.