Star Wars Battlefront II Modders Are Already Removing Count Dooku's Head

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Screenshot: bocaj93 (Reddit)

Star Wars Battlefront II’s recent update added Count Dooku, a fan favorite Sith villain from the Prequel Trilogy. This new character is fast, deadly and also fans are decapitating hims using mods.

Within less than 24 hours after Dooku was released, modders had already removed the Sith’s head and hands from his in-game model. This is a reference to his death scene at the beginning of Revenge of The Sith.

It seems those who are strong in the force don’t need hands or even a head.

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Looking at the linked scene of Dooku’s killing, I realized I didn’t remember any of this from the movie.

Then I realized I honestly don’t remember any of that movie at all.  Were the prequels really THAT forgettable?