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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for having been invited to a birthday party involving bowling, a thing I have not done in a concerningly long time. I guess if I throw my back out there’ll be lots of video games to play while I recover.


I really want to check out Slay the Spire, which I’ve heard great things about. And in case you were worried, I am still playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and still getting nowhere. All that plot isn’t going to ignore itself.


What about you? What are you playing?

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Finally beat Dark Souls last weekend (even if I did give up on Manus and Kalameet >_>), so this week I’m gonna dive into Darksiders 3 for a palette cleanser.

Critics may have been underwhelmed, but as long as it’s fun enough to relax with, I’ll be happy.