Speedrunning Turns Alpha Protocol Into A Very Fast Spy Thriller

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The new world record for playing Alpha Protocol really fast in New Game+ is 1:39:15, and it was accomplished by TemA in a lightnight-quick speedrun of the weird RPG.


Released by Obsidian back in 2010, Alpha Protocol is a truly unique spy thriller role-playing game that has you traveling the globe, managing relationships with allies and enemies, and maneuvering your way through almost-Bond-villains and their hijinks. It is a truly strange game, and I can confidently say that I have never played anything like it before or since.

So I’m really happy that there’s someone out there trying to figure out how to complete the game in as little time as possible. The run is legitimately interesting to listen to, and TemA does a really good job of playing fast and keeping the conversation going.


It always feels good to me to see a game that I enjoy being bent way out of shape for a speedrun, and while there’s no super zany bugs or anything in the run, I can enjoy the old fashioned fast play for what it is.

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Still the best bad game I wish got a sequel.  Sure, the game was flawed in a lot of ways (most noticeably in how broken stealth was); but the game itself was unique in a land of same-ey and very blah roleplaying games.