New Card Game Keyforge's Decks Contain "Unfortunate" Words

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Keyforge is a big new card game where every $40 starter set contains randomised cards, meaning no two players will have the same experience. Publishers Fantasy Flight say this results in “104 septillion possible deck combinations”, which might explain why some of the first batch contained some words they maybe shouldn’t have.


See, the reason each deck is unique is that each deck name is procedurally-generated from a bank of names and terms. And it wasn’t until the game was manufactured and shipped that Fantasy Flight realised “less than 0.05% of the initial print run” contained “an unfortunate pairing of words”.

Heavy Punch got hold of some of these cards, and hoo boy.

As a result, Fantasy Flight is recalling any affected cards, while also promising that they “have taken corrective measures to adjust the naming algorithm for future decks”. They’re doing this by asking players to register a pack online, and if it’s found to contain one of these “unfortunate” pairings, they’ll be asked to return them, and be sent two decks in exchange.

Perhaps more importantly, these cards will also be barred from competitive play. Which is a shame for anyone hoping to see “The Emperor That Pays For Boys” turn up in a tournament, but great news for anyone who’s looking at making some money from what will surely become some of the more interesting collector’s items out there.

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A downside to this model that I hadn’t considered until now is the truly, incredibly bad art on the cards.