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A Streamer Is Playing Through Dark Souls 2 While Wearing A Suit Of Armor

Dark Souls 2 is the perhaps the most controversial game in the Dark Souls franchise, but streamer m_d_c_t is braving the danger of the game by playing it in a suit of armor. It’s fun.


I imagine that the thrill of beating a video game is probably doubled when you do it in a suit of armor. After all, this is a big metal outfit that was designed to keep someone from being slain with swords and lances. It definitely impacts your ability to move and see. This is, perhaps, why m_d_c_t becomes so animated after defeating the Sir Alone Alonne boss:


In a victory speech unlike any other, m_d_c_t yells “I fuckin’ did it! Nice! While wearing a suit of armor! Booya! Fuck! Special death animation! No hits, while wearing a suit of armor! Hyaaaaah!”

In a world of zany Twitch gimmicks, I enjoy the relative simplicity of simply playing a game, and playing it well, in a suit of armor. As you can see from previous videos, m_d_c_t also tends to do a fantastical Dark Souls voice, so if this is making you nod your head with some absolute enthusiasm, then this might be the streamed Dark Souls 2 run for you.

I've played all of the Baldur's Gate games.

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Mortal Dictata

It definitely impacts your ability to move and see.

Yo’d be surprised how nimble those suits were. No sense having armour you couldn’t fight for an hour or two in.

And if you’re just sat down and only moving your hands it really doesn’t have an impact on playing a game.