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Just when you thought he was dead, Jason Voorhees has one more surprise: the long-awaited dedicated servers rolled out this week for Friday the 13th on PlayStation 4. According to publisher Gun Media, Xbox One players will receive the update once it passes certification.


Stacie Ponder is a writer, artist, gamer, and swamp hag best known for her long-running horror blog Final Girl ( and her love of pizza.

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Gene Jacket

I’ll give props to Gun and Illfonic for following through with the promise of dedicated servers, but really...what’s the point? The game is dead, and I don’t mean in that “lol people still play this trash” troll type dead people love to claim something like Destiny, I mean literally dead.

As of right now, there are 401 people in-game on Steam. Less than 500 people, worldwide, are playing the game right this second. On consoles it could be more, could be less...but I’m willing to bet it’s probably sitting at around 500-ish on every platform...and at that point, why even bother?