Someone Made A Pachinko Machine In No Man's Sky

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One No Man’s Sky player made a base that’s a working pachinko machine, just in case you wanted to play a game while you game.


No Man’s Sky players are mostly twiddling their thumbs while they wait for the huge update that’s bringing true multiplayer next month. Some of them are still finding ways to push the boundaries of the game, though. Prominent No Man’s Sky player 7101334 has used his free time to make a fully working pachinko machine.

“Interlopers must roll a golden sphere to the base from a nearby ruin, located a mere ~2 minute walk away. The ramp allows you to easily roll the ball to the top of the pachinko machine, where you can push it in with different angles and variable strength to determine where it lands,” 710 wrote in a reddit post. “A return chute allows you to easily reuse the same golden sphere for replays. Club Pachinko, a small building located next to the main machine structure, provides shelter for players who may need to take a break.”

Although the initial trek to put the ball in the chute is a little tricky, once you get it rolling, the machine works just fine. You might not earn prizes for playing, but 710 has certainly earned the satisfaction of a job well done.


Guess we’ll know what will happen if Konami ever considers buying the No Man’s Sky franchise.