K-Pop Pick Of The Day: Ppo Ppo Ppo

Track: Ppo Ppo Ppo | Artist: Harasora | Album: Harasora Story Part 1
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There are iconic K-Pop groups, then there are popular ones, then a few that have cult fandoms. At the very bottom are groups that release one EP, or maybe a few digital singles, then fade into oblivion—leaving behind no trace at all. Harasora is one of those groups.

The only things I know for certain about Harasora is that they debuted in 2011, and had two members. There’s very little evidence that they even existed; a Google search turns up nothing beyond a few basic profiles. No official music videos of their releases remain on the Internet, as far as I know, and I couldn’t find any reports on what the members are up to now. For all anyone knows, Harasora may as well have never existed.

Sadly, with the sheer amount of debuts every year, far too many K-Pop acts are destined to walk this path. Ever heard of a group called H.A.M.? How about April Kiss? CHI CHI ring a bell? I could go on.


Ppo Ppo Ppo is as good of a cheery summer ballad as they come, which makes Harasora’s disappearance sadder than usual. So many idols come and go, it’s sometimes hard to keep track—but for some reason, this song has stayed alive in my brain, even eight years later. That says something, I think.

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But honestly, I haven’t heard of Harasora either, but this was RIGHT before I went full-throttle into K-pop again (2010 - 2013 was a time when I didn’t care as much and only followed the groups I already knew).