Civilization VI Madman Builds 34 Wonders In One City

Image: dadabouin
Image: dadabouin

Last month, dadabouin went and did something I’ve never seen accomplished in Civilization VI before: he built 34 wonders in the one city, arranged in a way that has me thankful Civ VI doesn’t have Independence Day’s landmark-destroying aliens in its faction lineup.


Before you ask how it was done, yes, some editing was required. Using FireTuner—a set of editing tools hidden in Civ VI’s install—he had to alter the terrain surrounding the city in order to create the necessary conditions to fit that many in (some Wonders require water, or mountains, etc), as well as deleting a few early-game cities that were required to help get the whole thing started.

Aside from that, he played a standard game on Prince difficulty, and the results are pretty interesting for anyone who likes to survey their yields. The lack of other districts in the city, for example, meant that dadabouin could have struggled for cultural output. But having 34 wonders more than takes care of that.

Image: dadabouin
Image: dadabouin

Was there a point to it all? Beyond a self-created challenge, not really. But then, for serious Civ VI players that’s half the fun.

You can see some more pics, and read the full breakdown of how it was all done, here.

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