Fortnite Players Are Rocket-Riding New Guided Missiles For Absurd Kills

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Fortnite Battle Royale’s new guided missile is absolute mayhem. Thank God it’s so rare, or Fortnite’s sky would be a buzzing death hive.


Introduced this morning, the new Fortnite hotness is a drivable missile that does a whopping 105 damage to whomever’s on the other end of it. It stays alive for 18 seconds, just enough time to fly a couple circles around your target or shoot it far across the map. After shooting it, your point-of-view view shifts to the missile’s so it’s easy to direct. That leaves the player vulnerable to attack. Better stay safe.

Playing for a couple hours today, I did not find a Guided Missile. They’re only “Epic” and “Legendary” in rarity, but still, I’m going to pout about it.

What I did find were videos of Fortnite pros playing around with the new weapon. Here’s a pretty straightforward example of a guided missile kill winning someone the game:

Fun fact: Fortnite players can ride the missile. It’s a one-way ticket 18 seconds away for your teammate. Here’s top Fortnite streamer Ninja shooting a guided missile from a tall stairway to his teammate, perched on a building:


What makes the video phenomenal is that, after DrLupo hops on, and beckons, “Guide me in, brother,” Ninja directs him toward an enemy hideout. Only four players were left, total. The missile heads toward a seemingly secure corner inside a building, where it promptly explodes. DrLupo then killed off the remaining opponent, winning the game.

(If you want DrLupo’s side…. Here it is)


Players riding these missiles can shoot at opponents from above. It’s not easy to do, but it certainly makes an entrance:


Here’s the advanced technique: riding on a guided rocket while wielding another guided rocket. Just forget about the dying part:


Guided missiles’ less-guided predecessor, the rocket launcher, finally has a natural enemy. Players can knock off an incoming rocket with a guided missile:


I’d be saltier about not encountering a guided missile, and yet, knowing how ruthless people are with it, I feel better about not crossing its path.

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It’s pretty interesting. The missiles can be shot down, and apparently you can fire and cancel and it’s a slower but similar to RPG shot. Sounds useful for a distraction if you don’t want to guide it.