Ten Things Call of Duty: WWII Players Want Fixed

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As you might expect, the Call of Duty community is being very vocal about changes they want to see in WWII on social media outlets such as the WWII subreddit. And they have a point: Two months since the launch of the latest Call of Duty, there are still many improvements that could be made to the multiplayer experience. Here are the ten complaints getting the most buzz.


1. Spectating: Console players have complained about being stuck in a spectating mode at the beginning of a match, and this glitch seems to be affecting many players on Xbox One. This is even more frustrating for those playing Search and Destroy, as players will miss full rounds of the no-respawn game mode, completely unable to pick their loadout and spawn in fast enough to join their teammates.

2. War announcer volume: The team objective-based War mode can sometimes be painful on your ears. The announcer’s voice will randomly spike up, shouting commentary like “the bomb has been planted” at an ungodly decibel level. This has turned into a month-long issue that the developers are just now publicly addressing.

3. Slow sprint-out time: WWII’s multiplayer maintains a decent pace of action, but the game often feels like it punishes submachine gun rushers. “Sprint-out time” is the time it takes your gun to come back up and fire after the player finishes sprinting. If a player is rushing to an objective point and an enemy pops out at them, they are at a huge disadvantage with the current sprint-out time.

4. Points earned in Domination: This has actually been a community complaint since launch, as players are accustomed to earning 75 to 100 points per kill in recent installments of the franchise. Domination is a mode often played to level up fast, but WWII offers slower leveling with only 50 points per kill.

5. Rewards of Ranked Play: Ranked Play was added on December 1 to offer a competitive mode with the esports rules used in the Call of Duty pro league, but players found little reward when random teammates often rage-quit. There’s already a timeout penalty in place for quitters, but higher rewards might motivate players to stay until the end. I ranked up to Gold Division of Ranked Play, and all I received was a stupid helmet cosmetic for my soldier.

6. Allowing a full squad to party up in Ranked Play: Part of the complaints of quitters in Ranked Play stems from the mode’s party restrictions. No parties were allowed at launch, but Sledgehammer Games has since increased the party system to two players. So you can team up with a friend, but you still have to worry about the two rando teammates leaving the match early.

7. Shell Shocked from friendly fire: The friendly Shell Shock effect of WWII has been annoyance since launch. When an explosion goes off near a player, they experience “shell shock” and their movement becomes slow and disoriented, putting them at a disadvantage. This can be caused by a teammate’s grenade, mortal strike, or artillery barrage, and players feel that the effects are far too powerful for a friendly attack. Players must utilize the Armored Division at rank 2 or higher to have the luxury of being immune to Shell Shock.

8. Tuning underpowered shotguns: The combat shotgun holds decent range and power, but many feel the others in the class are slightly underpowered, especially the sawed-off shotgun. The damage, range, and reload speed of the other shotguns may need to be adjusted to make them more viable choices.


9. Health regen rate: Your health doesn’t regenerate after taking damage in hardcore game modes, but the health regeneration after you take damage in standard “core” game modes feels very slow. This might not affect hardcore players, but WWII’s core modes could use a slightly higher health regen rate to be on par with the other titles in the franchise.

10. Slow level progression: Leveling in Call of Duty: WWII feels painfully slow. In addition to less Domination experience points, it feels as if the overall XP earned is slightly off. Some player theories include less, or inaccurate, XP amounts given for earned medals, which are awarded for various accomplishments in-game.


Developer Sledgehammer Games has issued a statement to the community, promising an update is coming soon to fix certain issues and a new post to explain some of the “design choices” in the game. It also advised that a Domination XL mode (offering 100 points per kill) was being tested, more weapon tuning was under consideration, and that it were looking into XP rewards for Ranked Play.

It’s not clear yet which community complaints will be explained away as being intentional design choices, but I for one really, really don’t want to get hit with friendly Shell Shock anymore.


William MurderFace

Other complaint: the 9 fucking maps. Seriously? I remember when COD came with 16 at launch...