Along with the usual assortment of games, this week’s Nintendo Download includes the Switch’s first entertainment app, Hulu, which should be available later today. Can Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Crunchyroll, Crackle, that comedy one and some sort of sports thing be far behind?


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Nintendo, I know you’re slow at things, but as a fanboy reborn (back after taking a hiatus after Gamecube/lolling of the Wii), please work on the following ASAP. I am now 100% a fanboy of the Switch, but there are some emerging issues that need correction:

1) Game/media folders— at least for media apps. Love that the Switch has so much good content and getting my use out of my 200gb card, but with 6-12 media apps mixing in with my now 26 game and growing library, it’s getting crowded in here.

2) Give us better ways of accessing/sorting the store. Let us sort games by genre, control method, etc. Maybe alphabetically as well with an option to go to each letter. Adding sale games to popularity and release date was an improvement, but we need a better way of sorting games if we’re going to have so many. Maybe make a tab just for media apps when they inevitably come. Maybe a free category as well. You’ve skated by because you haven’t had content (Wii hadn’t gone fully digital, WiiU had almost no titles), but there’s not a ton of content on Switch. Catch up quick!