We Tried A Dungeon-Themed Escape Room

With Halloween finally upon us, I get to live out my dream of being a camera guy on a ghost hunter TV show walking down dark corridors, crawling through secret passages, and tripping over chains. Kotaku’s Heather Alexandra and Alex Bedder take a trip to Brooklyn Escape Room to see if they have what it takes to solve all of the medieval dungeon-themed puzzles in time before the executioner kindly escorts us to the torture chamber.

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I love escape room games and love watching other folks give them a go. This one looks cool but I prefer when there are 3-4 things to solve at a time. That way it’s a bit harder to get stuck because you can make progress on multiple things at once. Oh and I also hate when they setup mechanical ‘puzzles’ where you know the solution but are stuck trying to get the device to work...as you’ve seen, they usually break.