Game of Thrones Recap Podcast: Whose Advice Should Daenerys Follow?

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By popular demand, we’re back with another bonus Game of Thrones episode of Kotaku Splitscreen.


Last week we asked if you wanted us to do shows for each episode this season, and you told us in no uncertain terms that, yes, you would be into that. So here we are. I even recorded some special new intro music for these episodes, which I hope you enjoy.

Jason and I got together this morning to talk about the second episode of season seven, “Stormborn.” We spoil the episode in its entirety, obviously, and talk about differences between the show and the books. However, we do not discuss any leaked show spoilers, nor do we talk about the “next time on” preview, which neither of us even watch.

We had a number of questions after this week’s episode: Why can’t Jon and Sansa talk things through before they get up in front of the leaders of the North? When did the ravens of Westeros get so fast? And how did Euron Greyjoy manage such a precise, devastating attack?

Listen here:

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We’ll be back later this week with our usual video game podcast, and next Monday for the next episode of Thrones.

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Daenery’s should have used both strategies. She should have extended invitations to all the non-Lannester houses, and used the dragons to eviscerate Euron’s fleet and then used them to burn Casterly Rock to ground. Destroys the Lannester powerbase, basically gifts the iron islands to Yara (thus securing a long-term ally), indicates to all the other families that she means business, and destroys the primary power that Cersei had at her disposal (Euron’s fleet). The dragons would likely not have been lost in such an assault given that her Maester only showed her that 1 weapon available to spear dragons with at distance, and it isn’t like there were very many spearmen on Euron’s boats during the fighting.

This would of course assume she knew where the fleet was, but one would think Varys could get that intel fairly easily. It isn’t like a multi-thousand boat fleet would be easy to conceal.