Dude Recreates 28 Of The World's Best Roller Coasters In Planet Coaster

In the real world, Joey Designs works as an architect. In Planet Coaster, though, he’s busy recreating some of the world’s biggest/best actual roller coasters for anyone who wants to use them in their park.

As Motherboard report, while the game’s Steam Workshop is full of building homages to Disney, Star Wars and Universal Studios, Joey’s work is more focused on importing famous rides like Six Flag’s Superman: Krypton and the Banshee at Kings Island, each recreated down to the most precise detail.

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He builds the rides using a combination of photos, Google Maps data and, where possible, first-person videos on YouTube. Joey says his most difficult creation was Six Flags Magic Mountain’s X2, whose “independently swiveling seats and train cars” were a nightmare to get in sync.

If you’ve got the game and want to try out some of Joey’s rides in your own park, you can get them here.

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Neither the Thunderbolt or the Jack Rabbit from Kennywood in Pittsburgh are on his list. I don’t have the game, but I’m hoping that’s more because both are wooden coasters rather than because he enjoys bland six flags rides.