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Overwatch Player Makes Banana Controller For Winston

Illustration for article titled iOverwatch/i Player Makes Banana Controller For Winston

Overwatch is no stranger to gimmick controllers. People have used flight sticks for D.Va and turntables for Lucio. This Winston controller, though, is completely bananas.


Rudeism, who you might remember from previous over-the-top controller setups, has finally gone too far. He’s created a controller not from plastic or metal, but from organic material. And also, you know, wires and stuff. Here it is in action:

He explained how he made it in a post on Reddit:

I’m using a Makey Makey to hook up all these bananas. I attach an earthing cable to myself, and when I touch a banana, it sends a keyboard input to the game via body capacitance. The four leftmost bananas handle WASD, the four rightmost ones handle aiming, and the three in the center are for Q, E and Shift. I ended up having to hardwire left-click so it was always on. I didn’t have enough hands to fire as well as aim/move at the same time.


He added that he originally tried to make it with peanut butter—Winston’s favorite food—but despite being perfect in every other way, peanut butter is not a great conductor of electricity.

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“This Winston controller, though, is bananas.”

That’s it, I’m out.