A Look At Battlefield One's Pretty Gameplay

Battlefield 1 promises some of the biggest showdowns the franchise has ever seen, and today DICE gave us a taste of what that will look like in action. Spoilers: the footage is wild, as you can see above.

Some of the things the new Battlefield will include are:

  • Dynamic weather, such as fog and rain, which can change the landscape as you play.
  • Better/more large-scale destruction.
  • New vehicles called “Behemoths” - they are as large as they sound!

If this sounds intriguing to you, good news: there will be an open beta this summer.

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Mortal Dictata

This EA Conference is hands down the WORST E3 conference I’ve ever seen. It’s worse than the bad Nintendo ones or even the bizarre Project Natal reveal MSoft did.

They’ve managed to fill an hour of talking about games where they’ve shown almost zero game footage bar one trailer at the start and one at the end, where Mass Effect got less airtime than FIFA 17 (with the latter showing more story than the former), where they spent 10 minutes talking about Star Wars (with 4 minutes of footage) without showing any actual gameplay, and had a pointless gimmick of having two stages.

They might’ve well just released a bunch of videos online and not spent so much money renting out the stage.