Suikoden Fans Beg Konami To Put The Games On Steam

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It’s unfortunate that Konami, a Japanese gambling company, owns the license to Suikoden, one of the greatest video game series ever made. Still, fans haven’t given up yet.


The Suikoden Revival Movement, a wonderful group devoted to raising awareness and trying to bring life to Konami’s now-dormant RPG series, today launched a campaign called #SuikodenOnSteam. The goal: flood Konami on social media with requests to get these games on PC. There are already Windows versions of the first two Suikoden games in China, so it’s not exactly an unreasonable ask. Question is, will Konami care?

Even if it seems unlikely that this will result in much, I welcome the campaign nonetheless. I’ve long been a supporter of the Suikoden Revival Movement, which now has over 28,000 members and has even snagged an interview with series creator Yoshitaka Murayama. (Sadly, Murayama didn’t seem very interested in reviving the series on Kickstarter or through some other means.)


There are signs of life—Konami did release both Suikoden and Suikoden II on PS3 and Vita as PS1 Classics a couple of years back. At this point I think most fans have given up on the idea of a proper new game, but at the very least it’d be nice to be able to play them all on modern machines. Let the tweetstorms begin.

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I’m unclear on who the people are who want to play these games but don’t have a PlayStation device capable of playing them already. Why would Konami, a pachinko and fitness club company that used to make games, spend a dollar to update an ancient Windows version to be suitable for steam release, when they have an existing avenue to capture the money of any fans too polite to just pirate the game? Hell, go buy it on the ps store website and then download the game from a torrent site, run it in a PSX emulator. Conscience eased, game running on your PC.

This just seems like a baffling waste of everyone’s time.