The New Legend of Zelda Game Is Delayed to 2017

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After being delayed from its original 2015 release date, the new upcoming Zelda game won’t make this year, either. Nintendo announced today that the game is now scheduled for 2017.


In a financial report released today, Nintendo has the upcoming Zelda game slated for 2017 in Japan, North America, and Europe.

[Image: Nintendo]
[Image: Nintendo]

The Legend of Zelda is the game’s temporary title. According to Nintendo, the game is coming to both the Wii U and NX, with the two versions releasing simultaneously. The company also added that the reason for the delay was to “better improve quality.”

Last year, Nintendo delayed the game, with series producer Eiji Aonuma saying that the team had “discovered several new possibilities for the game.” It was originally announced for the Wii U, and Aonuma and Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto both promised that it was coming in 2015.

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It’s Twilight Princess all over again.