Even reviewers won’t get to play The Division until it goes live for everyone on March 8, Ubisoft says. So if you’re waiting to see if it’s any good, you’ll have to hold off at least a day or two. We’ll be buying and playing it along with everyone else, so stay tuned to Kotaku for regular coverage.


Greg the Mad

That is bothersome news. They’re probably expecting bad reviews, and so try to get as many purchases as they can before the shit hits the fan.

I played the beta and was rather disappointed. It was not bad, and some people are bound to love it, but I personally found it boring and shallow. If they would have scrapped that forced online and focused on a proper singleplayer experience (with optional coop) it could be better in my opinion.

Not sure if I should call it the worst third person shooter, or the best MMO.