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The Five Nights At Freddy's RPG Is Now Free (But It's Still Pretty Bad)

Illustration for article titled The iFive Nights At Freddys/i RPG Is Now Free (But Its Still Pretty Bad)

After being pulled from Steam due to poor reviews, FNAF World is back on Game Jolt for free. You can play it here. But, maybe you shouldn’t?


This version of FNAF World does have improvements. Hovering over an attack actually tells you what that attack does NOW, for example. But tweaks like that really can’t save a game that, on a fundamental level, just isn’t designed well. I spent some time with FNAF World this morning, and, well. There’s nothing particularly interesting about its random encounter > turn based battle set-up. That’s about as generic as RPGs get. The music is still way too grating. Visually, the game looks terrible—and yet, the game still doesn’t run smoothly! Don’t even get me started on the loading times to go into MENUS. It’s absurd.

It’s entirely possible that FNAF developer Scott Cawthon may fix some of these technical issues, too. I’m not really sure that will be enough. Then again, this game is clearly made for the more hardcore FNAF fan, and judging from the comments on Game Jolt, they seem pretty happy with it despite everything I just mentioned. Your mileage may vary.


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I always sort of figured his games are meant to be taken as part performance art. Not meaning to be harsh, but they’ve all seemed like rushed out messes to me.