A few days into 2016, we’ve already got frontrunners for “questionable choice of the year.” Hey, at least it’s hilarious.

For those that don’t know, YouTube’s biggest star, Pewdiepie, has a specific logo. It’s called the Bro Fist. It’s based on the send-off Pewdiepie likes to do at the end of his videos. You’ve probably seen it before—it looks like this:

Well, recently one man from TVFilthyFrank decided to get the Bro Fist as a tattoo. But not just any tattoo. A butt tatoo. This man lost a bet, you see, and his friends were intent on having this guy keep his word. The result...is this.

What gets me is that it’s not just a Pewdiepie tattoo that’s being documented here. This person also got a tattoo with the word “meme” on the other butt cheek. Honestly, it’s Jackass levels of silliness here, but it’s still fun to watch Pewdiepie react to these shenanigans.


Click here to view this kinja-labs.com embed.