XCOM, Recreated In...Excel

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Having just learned how to code in VBA, crruzi thought the best way to practice would be to go and make a video game. So he went and made XCOM. In Excel.

It’s not the entire game yet—the tactical battles are working, with the strategic stuff still under construction—but come on, it’s Excel.

There’s even a story, with the battles set “between the events of XCOM:EW and XCOM 2, where a group of guerilla fighters try to liberate their city from ADVENT control.”


As you can see, aside from the visual downgrade, everything mechanical is present, from inventory management to combat moves.

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Can’t wait to see the strategic stuff! If you want to try it out yourself, there’s a download link here.

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This is probably better quality than half of the stuff that shows up on Steam Greenlight.