Let's Watch Ten Minutes Of Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay

Because it’s there, and it’s beautiful.

A calming sensation wafted over me as I watched this video, recorded during the closed alpha test on PC and uploaded to YouTube by Jake McNeill (via Gamespot). I’ve been worrying over the new movies lately—probably due to the toys hitting stores—and this clip helped me come to terms with it. No matter what happens, I’ll still have Hoth to fall back on.

Of course by “fall back on” I mean “die on,” over and over again.

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What this video showed me is that there is no point in using any other weapon except that battle rifle. It kills players half way across the map, it destroys vehicles, and defensive buildings. I wouldn’t be surprised if the gun could also take down a star destroyer.

So what is the point in having “specialized classes/roles” (if that is still a thing in this game) if one weapon can do everything that other weapons are meant to do (sniper rifle, rocket launcher).