Red Ash Kickstarter Falls Short By $280K

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Thirty days after launching, one of the sloppiest professional campaigns in Kickstarter history has come to an end at $519,999, well short of its $800,000 goal.


Red Ash, which was pitched by former Capcom producer Keiji Inafune and his company Comcept as a spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends, seemed destined to fail from the start thanks to poor organization and communication. Various stumbles along the way—like the announcement of a stretch goal for a port to a mystery console—turned a number of potential backers off and even convinced some fans to cancel their pledges.

The Red Ash team says the game will happen regardless, thanks to a deal Comcept struck with a Chinese gaming company called Fuze. Presumably we’ll hear more about their plans in the future, although Fuze’s website—which is full of stolen art and digs at other gaming publishers—isn’t very inspiring.

Meanwhile, the companion anime Kickstarter has succeeded, earning $162,882 for Comcept. And rumors suggest that Comcept’s last Kickstarter game, Mighty No. 9, has been delayed to 2016. Fun times.

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This should be an abuse of Kickstarter. The game will happen, anyway? Then why were they seeking outside funding from customers? Seems so shady it’s unbelievable.